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questions and answers regarding support, training and installation


Answers to the most frequent questions

Learn how to download, install, troubleshoot, activate and purchase 3skeng by following the guide 3skeng - Starting Guide.pdf.

System Requirements

Which software do I need to run 3skeng?

3skeng products are designed for Trimble SketchUp and require a running SketchUp on your Windows or Mac computer.

  • Current "3skeng 2021" for Macs and Windows PCs is available on the download page (running with SketchUp 2021, 2020, 2019 and 2018).
  • Previous "3skeng 2020" for Macs and Windows PCs is available on the download page (running with SketchUp 2020, 2019, 2018 and 2017).
  • Previous "3skeng 2019" for Macs and Windows PCs is available on the download page (running with SketchUp 2019, 2018 and 2017).
  • Previous "3skeng 2018" for Macs and Windows PCs is available on the download page (running with SketchUp 2018, 2017 and 2016).
  • Previous "3skeng 2017 (ver.2)" for Macs and Windows PCs is available on the download page (running with SketchUp 2017, 2016 and 2015).
  • Previous "3skeng 2017 (ver.1)" for Macs and Windows PCs is available on the download page (running with SketchUp 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2014).
  • Previous "3skeng 2016" for Macs and Windows PCs is available on the download page (running with SketchUp 2016, 2015 and 2014).
  • Previous "3skeng 2014" for Macs and Windows PCs is available on the download page (running with SketchUp 2015 and 2014).
  • Previous "3skeng Version 2.6" for SketchUp 8 or 2013 is no more supported and will be upgraded by user request to 3skeng 2014.

Does 3skeng run on Windows computers?

Certainly we support 3skeng for Windows. You can use the following desktop versions of Windows:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

Does 3skeng run on Mac OS X computers?

Yes, we support 3skeng for OS X. You can use the following versions of OS X:

  • 10.11 (El Capitan)
  • 10.12 (Sierra)
  • 10.13 (High Sierra)
  • 10.14 (Mojave) - only 3skeng 2018 and higher
  • 10.15 (Catalina) - only 3skeng 2019 and higher

3skeng does not what you expected? Here is the solution.

The installation of 3skeng does not work on my computer. What can I do?

We have tested the setup software and the 3skeng software very carefully. Nevertheless it is a complex software and we may have not tested all possible configurations. Please send us an email to support@3skeng.com with a description of the problem as detailed as possible. Clarifying screen shots are highly appreciated. We will help you as soon as possible!

Missing the menu entry "Extensions" -> "3skeng Engineering 2016"?

Please consult guide 3skeng - Starting Guide.pdf

Missing the 3skeng toolbar?

Please consult guide 3skeng - Starting Guide.pdf

Missing the 3skeng client window?

Please consult guide 3skeng - Starting Guide.pdf

The installation was successful but Activation or Synchronization does not work.

We know that some computers has problems with the synchronization process of 3skeng. Normally the synchronization process finished its job within a maximum of 15 minutes.
There are some typical reasons for not synchronizing. And there are also some tips for you:
  • Ensure that you have installed our latest version of 3skeng.
  • If you have doubts about the version, uninstall 3skeng, reboot, do not start any other software, install the newest 3skeng version, reboot.
  • For some firewalls it is necessary to open the internet access for "SketchUp.exe".
  • Enable session cookies for the Internet Explorer (PC) or Safari (Mac).
  • Allow Cookies at least for our server address http://web02c.3skeng.net
  • Allow execution for JavaScript
  • Open the Internet Explorer, click: Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced, check to be sure al least the TLS 1.2 protocol is enabled under the security section.
  • In some company networks, the internet access works only over a Proxy Server. This version of 3skeng synchronization may not work over a Proxy! Ask your Network-Administrator to help you getting a direct and unrestricted access to the internet. At least replace any proxy script by the IP-Address or name of the Proxy-Server.
  • If that does not work, synchronize your computer in another network, e.g. at your IT-Helpdesk or in your home network.

Which Server addresses and Ports are used by 3skeng synchronization?

Please note, only change your firewall settings if you know what you do. You may need to consult your network administrator.
  • Open the following firewall for the remote ports 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS).
  • 3skeng client needs unrestricted access to the servers www.shk.com, www.3skeng.net and web02c.3skeng.net
  • Some Firewalls (e.g. Avira) may operate as Web-Proxy to check your Web communication. This may results in changes of outgoing and incoming ports for TCP-Communication.

3skeng asks me to activate after each SketchUp start. What goes wrong?

This indicates that the registration process failed.
Please ensure you have entered the correct activation code, you received from noreply@3skeng.com.
Please allow Session Cookies and JavaScript. Check also that no firewall, proxy server or virus scanner restrict your web communication.
Feel free to send us an email to support@3skeng.com with a detailed description.

I have tried all of the above, but 3skeng does not work as expected. What can I do?

  • Ensure you have installed all suggested Microsoft updates.
  • Ensure you have the latest version of SketchUp.
  • Ensure you have enabled session cookies and JavaScript.
  • Check if you have installed the latest version of 3skeng, if you are in doubt, just download and install it from http://www.3skeng.com
  • Do not double click any buttons and links in 3skeng. All 3skeng buttons and links are intended to be clicked one time.
  • Please feel free to send us an email to support@3skeng.com with a detailed description of the problem. Clarifying screen shots are highly appreciated. We will help you as soon as possible!

3skeng freezes for a longer period of time during some situation / operations?

Please make sure that the trays "Components" and "Outliner" are closed!
3skeng and an open "Components" and / or "Outliner" tray requires lots of computing power and may therefore lead to temporary freezing!


What can I do in case of Credit Card transaction errors?

The most common reason is that your Credit Card company declines international transactions by default. In such a case, please contact your credit card company or issuing bank to (temporarily) unlock Germany for your 3skeng purchase(s).

I have bought a 3skeng tool. Why is my tool still in demo mode?

In certain cases, 3skeng has to reload your account content from the server.
To do so, please click on "Check for update":
SketchUp 2021-2015:
Extensions \ 3skeng Engineering 20xx \ maintenance \ Check for update
SketchUp 2014:
Plugins \ 3skeng Engineering 20xx \ maintenance \ Check for update
This may be the case if you purchase the tool or upgrade in one SketchUp version and open 3skeng in another SketchUp version afterwards.

I have bought a library. How can I access the components in libraries?

Start by generating a pipeline with the pipe tool in empty space and do not connect to an existing pipeline. Make sure the switch in the upper area of the 3skeng client is set to "detail". To toggle the switch just click on the switch icon. Proceed by following the tutor in the 3skeng client window.

Which type of components are included in the libraries?

Most 3skeng libraries come with a basic set of fittings and components. Open the client, click on "my 3skeng" and "manage libraries...". Please consider the descriptions in the 3skeng shop and learn more about the contents of most libraries through the pdf-files.

I have accidently used the wrong email address to activate my 3skeng - e.g. my private one. But for purchase I want to use my company email. How can I change the address?

Please send us an email to support@3skeng.com with a description of the problem and tell us your "wrong" email address and the email address you intend to use for purchases.
We will help you.

Do I need a Transaction Key to use and/or activate my purchased 3skeng Tool(s) and Libraries?

No, you don't need any transaction key or activation to use your purchased Tool(s) and Libraries. After a successful purchase, 3skeng synchronizes and asks for a restart. You can use your purchase after the next start of SketchUp.

How can I learn more about the pricing?

There are multiple ways:
1) The prices are also available on the following pages: download and buy 3skeng.
2) You can download, install and activate the software and use it during a 30 day free trial period. You can find the prices for libraries and tools if you click "manage tools..." or "manage libraries...".
3) Contact your local reseller. Find a worldmap at the bottom of the page buy 3skeng to find out the reseller in your area.

I need to reinstall 3skeng

I got a new computer, how can I get my 3skeng up and running again?

That's really easy.
  • Install Trimble SketchUp. We recommend to use the latest version.
  • Then install newest version of 3skeng. It is best to download the latest version from our homepage.
  • Start SketchUp and you will be prompted within our Activation Form to activate your 3skeng installation.
  • Wait a couple of seconds and you will receive an email with your personal Activation Code. Type the code into the Activation Form.
    It is very important that you use the same email address that you used for initial activation and purchases.
That's all.

I have reinstalled 3skeng. How can I get all the Tools and Libraries I purchased before?

All your purchases are registered on our 3skeng Activation Server - similar to an AppStore.
The server recognizes you by your email address (your personal 3skeng-ID) during the Activation.
After reinstalling and activation all your 3skeng Tools and Libraries will be restored automatically.

How can I run 3skeng after update to a new SketchUp release?

You will have to reinstall the latest 3skeng version available for your Sketchup version.
If reinstalling should not work, uninstall, reboot and reinstall 3skeng.

General Questions

What is the 3skeng Support Lifecycle?

With the release of 3skeng 2021 we support the following 3skeng versions:
  • 3skeng 2021 for SketchUp 2021, 2020, 2019 and 2018
  • 3skeng 2020 for SketchUp 2020, 2019, 2018 and 2017
  • 3skeng 2019 for SketchUp 2019, 2018 and 2017

How does 3skeng operate with industry standard file formats like
AutoCAD .dwg, .dxf or COLLADA?

The Trimble SketchUp import and export functionality including .dwg, .dxf and COLLADA file format also can be used in 2D or 3D also with all elements generated with 3skeng. Please note, that you have to purchase a Trimble SketchUp Pro license to use this functionality.

To work efficient and fast during the conceptual engineering phase it need a lot more than drawing pipes in a 3D model. What are the plans for 3skeng in the future?

We will soon implement more functionality with tools covering major parts in scope of 3D engineering to 3skeng. The feedback from the 3skeng users will help us to set the right priorities. Check out regular this web site to see what happened in the meantime.
If you like 3skeng please give us your feedback under feedback@3skeng.com and let us know, what is are main tasks you are using SketchUp and 3skeng for. Please tell all your friends about 3skeng - we have many, many ideas, concepts and prototypes. The product realization speed is directly linked to the feedback and acceptance of our customers.

When does the 3skeng client connect to 3skeng servers?

The 3skeng client needs connections to our servers www.3skeng.com and/or web02c.3skeng.net:
  • At the very 1st start after installation to activate your 3skeng license and load the initial tool set (necessary).
  • When you load additional evaluation tool.
  • When you buy 3skeng tools and/or libraries.
  • When you manage your account.
  • From time to time to check if updates available for you.
If you want, you can prevent this connections by firewall settings (not recommended).

Which servers are necessary for purchasing 3skeng?

For purchasing over PayPal 3skeng client needs additional connections to the following servers:
  • web02c.3skeng.net:443
  • *.paypal.com:443
  • *.paypalobjects.com:443
  • paypal.d1.sc.omtrdc.net:443
For purchasing with Creditcard 3skeng client needs additional connections to the following servers:
  • web02c.3skeng.net:443
  • paysolution.directpos.de:443

How to work with 3skeng

What are the contents of the libraries?

You can access the available libraries in the 3skeng client tab by clicking on “manage libraries” and select a library of your interest (see screenshot).
Here you can learn more about the libraries content in the provided pdf-files.

Can I add content to the libraries?

We know that we cannot fulfill all our users expectations concerning library content. So we came up with a solution that allows you to make your own parts/components compatible to 3skeng functions.
The parts/components you create won’t become a part of the 3skeng library directly but 3skeng will recognise docking points and will select the appropriate pipe or connectors (e.g. Flange). This allows line attachement and also works with the functions edit/rotate and connect.

To make parts/components compatible to the 3skeng tools, you simply add one or multiple 3skeng pipe(s) (concept or detail) and/or fitting(s) (e.g. flange) inside those components, right-click on them, go to "Pin outside visible" and select the appropriate pin (Pin 0 = Start) or all pins.

Learn more in the tutorial “3skeng compatible groups & components” by clicking on the grey arrow in the tutor tab of the client window (see screenshot below)
or the menu "Extensions/3skeng Engineering 20xx/more tutorials...".

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