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with Dlubal

3skeng Steelwork Tool
Steelwork designs and structural analysis


Steelwork Tool
All you need to draw Steelwork models with straight and chamfered segments. The segments can be connected by nodes. An extensive built-in library allows you to choose from many different standards from all over the world.

Learn what's new in 3skeng Steelwork 2020!

Structural Analysis of your 3skeng Steelwork designs
The latest version of 3skeng Steelwork allows you to design trusses based on their centerlines and analyze the quality of the model (e.g. "loose" connections) with 3skeng List. Using the “IFC Structural Analysis View” export you can directly transfer the structural analytical model of your design without losing any semantics in your BIM process.

Access the analytical model and control the quality
The structural analytical model will be derived from the 3skeng Steelwork entities within your drawing and its centerlines and nodes are displayed with their structural properties. In addition, an automatic design check is carried out. All parts of the model that are inconsistent with static considerations are highlighted. Check your model, find and resolve problems of your structural design.

Quality control of the design, e.g. unprecise connection / node.

Interoperability and efficient structural design with open BIM
Connect your SketchUp 3skeng model with structural analysis. The open file format IFC allows to transfer the structural analysis model of your 3skeng Steelwork construction to any structural analysis application that supports the “IFC Structural Analysis View” model view definition.

3skeng and Dlubal RFEM / RSTAB
The “IFC Structural Analysis View” file is formatted for optimized import into Dlubal RFEM or RSTAB. The data exchange keeps the “intelligence” of the objects: It means a column, or a beam is replaced by a similar object in RFEM, not only by a group of lines. Information about cross-sections and releases that is contained in 3skeng Steelwork is transferred as well.

First results of the statical analysis with Dlubal RFEM.

Workflow for structural analysis with SketchUp & 3skeng and Dlubal RFEM
The following video gives an overview of the workflow from the SketchUp model with 3skeng Steelwork design, quality control of the design, 3skeng IFC export, Dlubal RFEM import, load assignment and first results of the statical analysis.

Keywords: Dlubal, RFEM, RSTAB, Structural Analysis, IFC

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